"It's hard to believe that a person that doesn't even know you can transform your days. I don't imagine my life without this women, without the opportunities of making me feel closer to an idol, and because of that, two years ago I brought this star to my routine. I found out how to admire someone listening to their compositions that are written with so much love and kindness that can touch right here, in my chest, even so far. You were born to shine, you were made to touch the heart of others and show how life can be wonderful and unique when you accept and believe that if you can dream, you can make it come true. Passing over 18 years and i hope you continue with me, in anyway, but connected to me because i follow and admire you, Demetria!"
(Alexsander - @Alex2Alves)

"Demi, a happy birthday and continue being that wonderful person that you are, and that your star keeps shining every time more.. I LOVE YOU"
(Gaby - @GabyBrazil)

"Today, August 20, 2010, this girls who i am so proud of is no longer a little girl, she is already a womem, a wonderful womem. I would like to wish you a happy birthday in person, and give you another hug, but i can't so i convey this in mind (L) Demi, I want you to know that you are one of the most importante people in my life! Each word, each song, clothes, EVERYTHING in you inspires me!"
(Nikki - @onlylovato)

"Even she’s not here, even she doesn’t know me, even she doesn’t know that I am her fan... she’s my air, she gives me strength, she’s my inspiration, my diva, my role model, my life, MY EVERYTHING. Every time I see her sad, I want to be by her side… all I ever wanted is to be by her side. One day, my dream will come true, I’ve learned it with her. Thanks for exist, I love you more than everything Demetria Devonne Lovato."
(Giulia - (@GiuliaFurtado)

"I want say that I love you, you are a great inspiration to me... Happy birthday, best wishes, you deserve it! You’re very talented! You make me happier every day!"
(Luana Motta)

"Well.. where do I start? Demi, you make me happy. You make me alive You are my inspiration, the reason I wake up every day happy. There would be no life if you do not exist! I can not imagine my world without you I love you! Your soul is so pure and so beautiful! I hope to have you forever and always!" Demetria Devonne Lovato = my life

"Congratulations to you, baby! I wish you many many happy years of life! Best wishes! And that this date can be repeated several times! God bless you! *-*"
(Anie Araujo)

"Being a fan means being always there for your idol and hoping that this person is happy, wherever she is. And today is your birthday Demi, and we know how happy you are for being 18 years old... So we're also happy, and we wish you all the success possible! We love you, and happy birthday!"

"18 years, Oh my God, my girl is growing up! And what grows too is my feelings and my admiration and respect for her, Because theres is no one else in this world that can make me feel so happy just to exist. And today on this special date the only thing i wish, is that God Multiplies these 18 years many, many times because i need my angel here on earth."
(Samara - @SamaraZayane)

"She’s like an angel to me, she has made me dream and believe in my dreams. When I see her smile or her eyes, it is like the world to me and it’s funny, because when I’m crying, the first person I try to think is her, this is what make me stop crying. When I saw her for the first time on May, this year, I saw my star shining close to me, it was like a dream. I cried too much when I saw her, and that was really the best day of my life until now. Demi is like a light in my darkness, is amazing how a girl can change you and make you believe more in yourself, make you stronger, because that is what Demi has done to me"

"Demi is unforgettable, because she makes us feel special. She’s sweet, funny, lovely, talented and helps us to pass so many things in our life. She’s unique! She doesn’t care with the haters, the only thing that is important to her is being herself. That’s why she’s so special to me and that’s why we love her so much. That’s why she’s unforgettable to me and to all of her fans, because she is DEMI! I LOVE SO MUCH HER!"
(Rafa - @RafaMarone)

"Demi, happy birthday! I love you so much, you're my life"
(Gean Lucas)

"Hi Demi! Your brazilian fans love you! We are counting the days for the tour to come here! Too bad I won’t be able to go to any of the concerts because I don’t live in any of the cities that the tour will pass by, but I’ll love you forever!"
(Sarah Gomes)

"Happy Birthday Demi! You deserve to win all the stars in the sky! Remember I'm just happy you exist! Love you"
(Lislayne Mayer)

"Happy Birthday Demi! I wish you nothing less than the best. You're my inspiration and you deserve all the happines in the world! Thank you for being so contagious with your amazing songs. I love you so much!"

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEMI! You are very important to us! Your concert here in São Paulo was wonderful! It was on my birthday, I'll never forget it! Brazil loves you! See you in november. EU TE AMO!"
(Mariana Guimarães)

"You deserve it, more then anybody else! I will support you forever, no matter what you say or do or what people say about you... You deserve it and I’m gonna give you the best I can!"

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